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Breakthrough technology for the early detection and diagnosis of gum disease.

Non-invasive assessment you can trust.

We have a vision of a smarter, safer, more efficient method for assessing gum disease, reducing time and accelerating detection and accuracy of diagnosis by fundamentally improving the tools used by professionals.

We're redesigning clinical tools that will make assessment non-invasive, provide greater accuracy and greater speed, simplify real-time data capture, and significantly improve patient comfort.

Fast, easy, objective and reproducible, with powerful data analytics, and real-time control mechanisms, Periomedic will deliver an assessment experience like no other. We’re developing hardware with a unique system approach, that will become the diagnostic standard for gum disease.

Join us and create an enduring positive impact through technology.

At Periomedic, we are working tirelessly to improve detection and diagnosis of one of the most prevalent diseases in the world. We're doing this by solving complex technical challenges so that we can create a positive impact for the health and wellbeing of people globally.


We're in stealth mode.

If you're seeking additional information on Periomedic and what it is we are developing, please check back soon. We're currently working in the shadows and plan to release further details in the next 6 - 9 months.

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